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Wholesale JP Tods HandbagsAre you looking to get into the business of selling wholesale purses and handbags or selling designer bags at wholesale prices?  This business can be a very lucrative and enjoyable business, but before you start selling wholesale purses and handbags you should educate yourself on some things to avoid so you don’t fall into the trap and make the mistakes that so many people make when looking to get involved in selling wholesale purses and handbags.  I know from experience how many people have made these mistakes, and many people just start in this business, and if they would have read this information first they would have been successful–instead of failing.  Don’t make that mistake.

Mistakes to avoid in selling wholesale purses and handbags:

Mistake #1:  Not dealing with a reputable supplier.  The biggest hurdle to selling wholesale purses and handbags is in finding a good supplier to work with.  One mistake that people make is just buying a generic list of suppliers.  Lets think about this for a second.  Is any good seller going to sell their wholesale purses and handbags dealer or supplier list for $10 on eBay?  I think not.

Mistake #2:  Not checking out the wholesale purses and handbags company thoroughly.  There are many fly-by-night operations that will simply take your money and then never ship you your handbags and purses.  One super red flag is if a business only wants you to send them a check, money order, or wire money.  This is a huge red flag.  To protect yourself you should look at mistake #3 people make.

Mistake #3:  When dealing with any company that supplies or sells wholesale purses and handbags make sure that you pay with a way to track and get your money.  You should pay by credit card so you are protected by your credit card company until you know the company with whom you are buying from is a sold and reputable company.  There are also numerous ways to check out companies, but it is best if you have a pre-screened list of companies to deal with that have great feedback.

Any decent company should have references and contact details and be transparent when dealing with them.  Shady distributors will sometimes be hidden, won’t be able to provide references, and often times will pressure you to make a quick decision.

Wholesale Purses and HandbagsMistake #4:  Dealing with companies and vendors that sell wholesale purses and handbags is being realistic.  You are not going to, except in rare cases, only be able to buy 1 purse or handbag wholesale.  These companies have to sell in bulk to make money, and they WANT to make money.

These are just a few mistakes that are common mistakes that people make who are looking to get into the business of buying and selling wholesale purses and handbags.

If you are seriously considering getting into this business and selling purses and handbags wholesale then you need to educate yourself so you don’t make the common mistakes that many people make in this business.  It is easy to lose money, time, and become incredibly frustrated by making these common mistakes.  Luckily, there is a simple answer for you so you can avoid making these mistakes. Just check out the guide located here.  Best of all, there is no risk on you whatsoever, since you are protected by an Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee. Start learning the secrets to selling wholesale purses and handbags for profit from home.

I wish you success in starting your business and accomplishing your goals and dreams!




Designer Bags at Wholesale PricesLooking for authentic designer handbags at wholesale prices?  I’m here to help!  This article will discuss the basics of starting your own business buying and selling wholesale hand bags.

So, if you are you looking to get designer bags at wholesale prices continue reading on and get out a pen and paper and take some notes!  It will save you money and lots of headaches.

Now, many people are considering getting involved in a business by selling designer bags at wholesale prices.  This article will discuss some things to look out for if thinking about getting involve in selling designer bags wholesale.

First, make sure you are working with good wholesale handbag suppliers.  Finding a good supplier is not automatic or easy.  Many suppliers are hard to find.  Of course you can buy a list of designer bag suppliers off the Internet on some place like eBay, but there are several problems with this.

1)  Most of the time the list is absolutely junk.  Why is it junk?  Think about it.  Since finding good suppliers is NOT easy, why would someone give them away for such a cheap price of $5 or $10.

2)  If you work with a supplier that can provide you designer bags wholesale to sell then you must understand that you will have to buy a certain amount of these bags to be taken seriously.  You can’t just buy 1 bag, that is not how it works.  If you try to approach these places and buy 1 bag many times you’ll get laughed at.  Why is this the case?  Because these places have people trying to get 1 bag as a “free sample” all the time, and they make money by selling bags.

Wholesale Burberry Handbags3)  There are a lot of companies and suppliers that claim they can deliver the designer bags wholesale for you, but this is rarely the case.  There are companies out there that will be glad to take your money, and then they will deliver the products.  This means you need to know how to protect yourself if you are considering a business selling designer bags wholesale.

Using a credit card to protect yourself is just one tip that we recommend if you are wanting to get involved in this business.

Once you do get involved in this business how are you going to sell your designer bags wholesale? The good news is there are indeed many options.  You have trade shows, flea markets, the Internet, home parties, fundraising events, word of mouth…and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  One of the best kept secrets in the designer bags wholesale business is that you need to keep a database of active and past customers.  That way when you get a new bag in stock, you can sell it quickly!

A lot of people are looking to get into the designer bags wholesale business because of the financial security it can provide them by either having an extra income, or leaving their job altogether to work for themselves.  If you are seriously considering getting involved in the business of selling designer bags wholesale then you need to educate yourself so you do not make mistakes that can end up costing you a lot f money, and giving you serious frustration.

If you are considering getting involved in the designer bags wholesale business then you are in luck. Click the link on the right and you can get instant access to learn how to start and grow a designer bags wholesale business with a directory of high quality wholesale bag suppliers.  This is the resource that I recommend and that I personally used when starting my business.

Best of all you have absolutely no risk because there is a full unconditional money back 60 day guarantee.  You have absolutely no risk, but everything to gain!  Click here today to learn more!

You can’t go wrong!

I wish you success in starting your business selling designer hand bags.




Wholesale Marc Jacobs HandbagsAre you looking to buy wholesale handbags? This article will discuss what to look out for in wholesale handbag suppliers. Many people who are looking to get into the handbag business of buying and selling wholesale designer handbags are of course looking for a legitimate source of wholesale handbag suppliers. Unfortunately, there are many scams, charlatans, con artists, and bad deals out there.This article will educate you on what to avoid and what to look out for when looking for wholesale handbag suppliers, and is from my personal experience in dealing in this business.
Finding Wholesale Handbag Suppliers:

Before you make your first purchase from a wholesale handbag supplier you need to make sure that this company is legitimate. There are different ways to verify this. First, make sure the supplier is willing to give you plenty of contact information. If they company is secretive, or it is hard to reach people, then there is a good chance that this wholesale handbag supplier is a fly-by-night operation and is only in business to bill people and then to rip them off.

A good test for all wholesale handbag suppliers is to see what type of billing options they offer. If they only offer sending money by check or by wiring money transfers, then there is a very good chance it is not a legitimate wholesale handbag supplier. Many times people who purchase from these suppliers end up sending money and never receiving their inventory. When they try to track down the company they find out that unfortunately the company phone number or email has been disconnected….or that you have no resource options.  Calling up the police won’t do a thing because the company is located in another country, and the police there have no jurisdiction.  You’re out of money and out of luck with no purses or handbags!

Wholesale Handbag SuppliersOne way to verify the company is to see how long their website has been in operation. Go to and put in their website address as if you were trying to register their domain name. This will then give you an option to see their “whois” information. This will show you how long the domain has been registered, meaning that if they have only been there recently you should look at that and then ask them how long they have been in business. This should also provide additional information like a phone number, and more.

If the company is located in the United States you can check online at their states secretary of state website to see if they are a registered business, and also check with the Business Better Bureau. The best way to buy from wholesale handbag suppliers is to use a credit card. That way if there are any issues you can call up your credit card company to dispute the charges.

These are just a few tips and tricks you need to know if you are considering purchasing wholesale handbags from a wholesale handbag suppliers. Other things to look out for include the minimum about of bags they will sell (most companies HAVE to sell at least in small amounts of bulk because this is how they make their money), check to see if the wholesale handbag suppliers have good references or resources.

Also, make sure you build a relationship with one of the people there. If they pressure you to act immediately, make sure you take your time and don’t rush.

Unfortunately, there are many, many scams in existence that involve wholesale handbag suppliers, so if you are serious about buying and sell handbags at wholesale prices you need to find a good source of information. Luckily, this information has been compiled and done for you. The last thing you want to do is risk losing hundreds or thousands of dollars, get ripped off, waste your time, or become incredibly frustrated. To protect yourself you need to educate yourself properly, because ignorance is NOT bliss! To educate yourself on this business and to avoid making mistakes click here! You’ll instantly receive information on how to properly build a wholesale handbag business, that will allow you to work from home, and build financial freedom and security!

This resource is what I personally use and recommend, and you can’t go wrong with it.  I wish you nothing but success!

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