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Wholesale Handbag DisbributorsAre you looking to find wholesale handbag distributors? Read on to discover mistakes people make when buying wholesale handbags for resale, and how to avoid these mistakes.

Most people are looking to find good wholesale handbag distributors because they are looking to start a business selling wholesale handbags. Selling wholesale handbags can be a fun business, but finding good wholesale handbag distributors to work with can be quite the challenge.

There are several things to look out for when trying to find good wholesale handbag distributors. These include getting fake bags, getting bags that have been stolen, not getting the wholesale handbags that you pay for, and then not even being able to order from wholesale handbag distributors.

Let’s discuss several of these issues right now.

First, you have to make sure that if you have a relationship with wholesale handbag distributors that you are actually getting authentic wholesale handbags. There are many copies out there or imitations, and sometimes these imitations are hard to know the difference between. Reputable wholesale handbag distributors will only sell high quality original handbags to you at wholesale prices, or if they do sell imitation handbags will always let you know that they are imitation hand bags.

The next thing you need to be aware of when working with wholesale handbag distributors is what type of payment terms you can setup. Different websites have different systems. Each system is a little different. is different from dhgate. The one thing you must realize, however, is that you can always try to negotiate the terms. You, of course, always want to pay to where you get your bags first, then you pay.

The chances of doing this up front and without a relationship is extremely small. Think about it. Would YOU ship something to someone across the world without getting paid? So, with that in mind you need to setup a payment that is refundable. I personally like to use a business credit card. That way if there is something wrong I can call up the credit card company, with whom I have a good relationship with, and they can go after the merchant if there are issues.

This brings me to another point. When dealing with wholesale handbag distributors they should always be able to prove their existence. Be extremely careful of super deals that you have to act on really quickly when first beginning, because many new comers into this business think they find a great deal only to have their money disappear.

The last thing you have to work with is that some companies won’t even bother selling you their bags. Yes, it sounds silly but trust me, I know. Some companies only want to deal with people who are doing large volume because it isn’t worth their time. There are several ways around this which are covered in this guide, but it can be a problem if you don’t know how to get around it.

Now, if you are seriously wanting to get involved in the business of selling wholesale handbags these are some things you need to know, but there are lots of other things you need to know and understand. I found this guide, here, that has helped me tremendously. You might be thinking why I am sharing it…after all won’t I be creating competition…and you’re right, I will be, but it doesn’t matter. The market is so huge and there is so much demand that there is enough to go around.

The other reason I am sharing this is because I know how hard it was for me to get started, and how much I wanted to help my family and work from home, so I made a promise to myself that I would help other people and share valuable information I’ve found. Well, there is nothing more valuable in working with wholesale handbag distributors than this information here–trust me. Best of all, you have absolutely no risk because there is a 100% money back guarantee.

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Wholesale Marc Jacobs HandbagsAre you looking to buy wholesale handbags? This article will discuss what to look out for in wholesale handbag suppliers. Many people who are looking to get into the handbag business of buying and selling wholesale designer handbags are of course looking for a legitimate source of wholesale handbag suppliers. Unfortunately, there are many scams, charlatans, con artists, and bad deals out there.This article will educate you on what to avoid and what to look out for when looking for wholesale handbag suppliers, and is from my personal experience in dealing in this business.
Finding Wholesale Handbag Suppliers:

Before you make your first purchase from a wholesale handbag supplier you need to make sure that this company is legitimate. There are different ways to verify this. First, make sure the supplier is willing to give you plenty of contact information. If they company is secretive, or it is hard to reach people, then there is a good chance that this wholesale handbag supplier is a fly-by-night operation and is only in business to bill people and then to rip them off.

A good test for all wholesale handbag suppliers is to see what type of billing options they offer. If they only offer sending money by check or by wiring money transfers, then there is a very good chance it is not a legitimate wholesale handbag supplier. Many times people who purchase from these suppliers end up sending money and never receiving their inventory. When they try to track down the company they find out that unfortunately the company phone number or email has been disconnected….or that you have no resource options.  Calling up the police won’t do a thing because the company is located in another country, and the police there have no jurisdiction.  You’re out of money and out of luck with no purses or handbags!

Wholesale Handbag SuppliersOne way to verify the company is to see how long their website has been in operation. Go to and put in their website address as if you were trying to register their domain name. This will then give you an option to see their “whois” information. This will show you how long the domain has been registered, meaning that if they have only been there recently you should look at that and then ask them how long they have been in business. This should also provide additional information like a phone number, and more.

If the company is located in the United States you can check online at their states secretary of state website to see if they are a registered business, and also check with the Business Better Bureau. The best way to buy from wholesale handbag suppliers is to use a credit card. That way if there are any issues you can call up your credit card company to dispute the charges.

These are just a few tips and tricks you need to know if you are considering purchasing wholesale handbags from a wholesale handbag suppliers. Other things to look out for include the minimum about of bags they will sell (most companies HAVE to sell at least in small amounts of bulk because this is how they make their money), check to see if the wholesale handbag suppliers have good references or resources.

Also, make sure you build a relationship with one of the people there. If they pressure you to act immediately, make sure you take your time and don’t rush.

Unfortunately, there are many, many scams in existence that involve wholesale handbag suppliers, so if you are serious about buying and sell handbags at wholesale prices you need to find a good source of information. Luckily, this information has been compiled and done for you. The last thing you want to do is risk losing hundreds or thousands of dollars, get ripped off, waste your time, or become incredibly frustrated. To protect yourself you need to educate yourself properly, because ignorance is NOT bliss! To educate yourself on this business and to avoid making mistakes click here! You’ll instantly receive information on how to properly build a wholesale handbag business, that will allow you to work from home, and build financial freedom and security!

This resource is what I personally use and recommend, and you can’t go wrong with it.  I wish you nothing but success!