Many people are looking to get in the business of buying and selling wholesale designer handbags. If you want to look at buying wholesale Gucci bags from China this article will discuss various things you need to be aware of.

Buying Wholesale Gucci Handbags from ChinaFirst, buying from China can involve red tape, it just depends on the situation. Secondly, there are multiple places that sell stuff from China.  These include and lots of others. Sometimes people advertise on eBay, too.  Gucci makes great bags and lots of people are interested in them all the time, so they are fairly easy to sell in my experience.

Second, what are the shipping charges that you will have to pay?  These will depend on the speed of how quickly you want your bags.  Many people do not need them quickly, but going by sea or by air makes a big difference.

Third, you will have to consider the red tape when you import things into the United States.  Depending upon what you are buying this can make it a big deal, or not a big deal at all.

Fourth, it is not hard to find a vendor to buy wholesale Gucci bags from, but to find a quality vendor to do business with, a vendor who is honest with Gucci bags, is not that easy.

There are lots of companies out there who claim to sell Gucci bags, but these can be imitation bags.  The main thing you must do is buy some of these bags ahead of time and inspect these bags to see if they are high quality and if they are authentic wholesale Gucci bags.    The best way to compare is to have a known authentic Gucci bag right to the one you have bought and go through it.  Look for small mistakes, look for minor stitching mistakes, and inspect the tag.  Another thing is to smell the tag to see if it smells correctly.  Get a feel for the material and even wear the bag around.  If the wholesale Gucci bag you have bought from China is authentic then you know you have a good vendor to work with.

With that being said you ALWAYS need to spot check your bags, because some vendors will slip in junk or fake bags after you buy your original lot of bags because they know you are inspecting them.

Other red flags and things to look out for when buying wholesale Gucci bags from China include making sure you don’t fall victim to the scarcity trap.  What is the scarcity trap?  The scarcity trip is when a vendor wants you to buy things quickly because they have a special deal.  When you are first starting be EXTREMELY careful of this.  Once you have an established relationship in place then they do have some of these deals.  But when you begin there are some companies that will tell you if you buy right away you will get an incredible deal.  But you never receive your bags and your emails or phone calls never get returned, and they are out of business.

These are just a few things to watch out for if you are interested in buying wholesale Gucci bags from China.  Don’t make the mistakes that most people make.

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