Wholesale JP Tods HandbagsAre you looking to get into the business of selling wholesale purses and handbags or selling designer bags at wholesale prices?  This business can be a very lucrative and enjoyable business, but before you start selling wholesale purses and handbags you should educate yourself on some things to avoid so you don’t fall into the trap and make the mistakes that so many people make when looking to get involved in selling wholesale purses and handbags.  I know from experience how many people have made these mistakes, and many people just start in this business, and if they would have read this information first they would have been successful–instead of failing.  Don’t make that mistake.

Mistakes to avoid in selling wholesale purses and handbags:

Mistake #1:  Not dealing with a reputable supplier.  The biggest hurdle to selling wholesale purses and handbags is in finding a good supplier to work with.  One mistake that people make is just buying a generic list of suppliers.  Lets think about this for a second.  Is any good seller going to sell their wholesale purses and handbags dealer or supplier list for $10 on eBay?  I think not.

Mistake #2:  Not checking out the wholesale purses and handbags company thoroughly.  There are many fly-by-night operations that will simply take your money and then never ship you your handbags and purses.  One super red flag is if a business only wants you to send them a check, money order, or wire money.  This is a huge red flag.  To protect yourself you should look at mistake #3 people make.

Mistake #3:  When dealing with any company that supplies or sells wholesale purses and handbags make sure that you pay with a way to track and get your money.  You should pay by credit card so you are protected by your credit card company until you know the company with whom you are buying from is a sold and reputable company.  There are also numerous ways to check out companies, but it is best if you have a pre-screened list of companies to deal with that have great feedback.

Any decent company should have references and contact details and be transparent when dealing with them.  Shady distributors will sometimes be hidden, won’t be able to provide references, and often times will pressure you to make a quick decision.

Wholesale Purses and HandbagsMistake #4:  Dealing with companies and vendors that sell wholesale purses and handbags is being realistic.  You are not going to, except in rare cases, only be able to buy 1 purse or handbag wholesale.  These companies have to sell in bulk to make money, and they WANT to make money.

These are just a few mistakes that are common mistakes that people make who are looking to get into the business of buying and selling wholesale purses and handbags.

If you are seriously considering getting into this business and selling purses and handbags wholesale then you need to educate yourself so you don’t make the common mistakes that many people make in this business.  It is easy to lose money, time, and become incredibly frustrated by making these common mistakes.  Luckily, there is a simple answer for you so you can avoid making these mistakes. Just check out the guide located here.  Best of all, there is no risk on you whatsoever, since you are protected by an Unconditional 60 day Money-Back Guarantee. Start learning the secrets to selling wholesale purses and handbags for profit from home.

I wish you success in starting your business and accomplishing your goals and dreams!